More About Me

Bob’s Approach to Homes

Bob’s clients are fast to refer to him as friends and neighbors, and he hopes to make the real estate process comprehensive and fun. As a Real Estate Agent with over 25 years of experience, Bob seeks to gain an understanding of his clients through listening to what their needs and interests are in thinking about a home.

While touring homes with Bob, it’s not uncommon for him to crawl into an attic space to check it out (perhaps later suggesting to renovate it into a new bedroom).

What to Expect

Bob’s approach to working with clients isn’t black and white, and he is aware that every situation will be different. What is important to him though, is that they feel heard and comfortable throughout their experience.

Bob’s local knowledge about what is selling, and at what price, brings success to his clients. He is a local expert with enthusiasm for the real estate process. For clients, this may look like conversations over coffee, taking a local trip with him to look at houses, or impulsive messaging about that killer house in the evening.

Bob also isn’t afraid to give educated advice to his clients when a home is a bad deal and when not to make an offer.

Getting to know Bob

He was born in Seattle, grew up in the south end of the city, and has now lived in Ballard for more than twenty years. For much of his career he managed a remodeling business, Finishing Touch Construction, which focused on renovating and expanding older Seattle homes. Within this business Bob worked as a painter, a roofer, electrician, and an amateur therapist (One time, during a kitchen remodel, a client was very reluctant to repaint the purple shelves because the color reminded him of a past girlfriend).

All of this contributed to becoming a knowledgeable real estate broker, and in 2007 he made the switch. He has enjoyed great success at the Windermere Ballard office and has worked with  clients all throughout the growing city of Seattle. He truly appreciates the quirks and charms of older homes. He currently lives in a 110 year old house.

One time, when helping to sell a home, Bob spearheaded a project on the direct neighbor’s house, with a much needed replacement of the home’s siding. This helped raise the price of the home being sold, as well as making it aesthetically more attractive to buyers in photographs and open houses.

Bob strives to respect and validate all people, including correctly pronouncing names, using correct pronouns and inclusive language, while avoiding racist/sexist/homophobic/xenophobic language. He welcomes reminders and comments from clients about how to apply this attitude effectively.